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Popcorn Chicken

Posted 11 months ago | by Aysha


# Item Amount Where to buy?
1 Chicken breast
2 Spices (cayenne, salt, garlic powder, black pepper)
3 Milk (yup..)
4 Flour
5 Oil

  • Step 1: Cut chicken breast into small pieces, smaller = crunchier.
  • Step 2: Lets marinate: in a large bowl throw your cut chicken pieces, add desired spices and 1/4 cup of milk. Mix in well, if the chicken is dry feel free to add more milk.
  • Step 3: Once mixed, cover with wrapping paper or a large plate and leave in the fridge for 30min-1 hour.
  • Step 4: Now we make the flour: in another large bowl add 2-3 cups of flour and add desired spices. Mix well.
  • Step 5: After the chicken sits for an hour in the fridge, heat oil in a large pan, make sure at least half the pan is covered in oil.
  • Step 6: Mix your marinated chicken again and place the pieces in the flour one by one. You want to make sure that each piece of chicken is fully covered in flour to give it the crunchy taste.
  • Step 7: Once mixed in flour, gently place the chicken pieces in the hot pan (be careful, the oil is hot)
  • Step 8: Fry until golden brown. The longer you keep the better, just don't let it burn.
  • Step 9: Done, and now you have yourself some delicious, healthy chicken popcorn.

Tips & Tricks/Notes

I love eating this with a side of yogurt (like Greek Style).  Here are the spices i added to the yogurt:

1) Dried parsley

2) Basil 

3) Salt (a lot) 

Mix well and you got yourself some Italian facy sauce! 

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